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Thanks for your interest in SilenceEngine. If you like it, give it a star! Contributions are welcome through pull requests on GitHub, we encourage that a lot! If you have found any issues, please report them on the GitHub issue tracker.

What is it?

SilenceEngine is a 2D/3D game engine that takes care of low level aspects of game development like graphics, input handling, asset loading and collision detection for you, meaning you only need to make your game. It lets you focus on the game play and game design, by doing most of the hard work for you.

Cross Platform

SilenceEngine is completely cross platform, and lets you compile to Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, HTML5 (through GWT) and Android from a single code base. You write the game only once, and SilenceEngine takes care of the rest of the process, the compilation is automatic and you will be running the game in no time.

You write your game (or Application) using the SilenceEngine API, which delegates platform specific details to the backends, which deal with things like context creation, provide native API bindings, etc.,

OpenAL & OpenGL

SilenceEngine uses the power of OpenGL and OpenAL libraries to get hardware acceleration for graphics and audio rendering. On a platform that is not supported (HTML 5 for example) we use libraries that emulate them using the platform's native libraries.

For example, the HTML 5 platform does not support OpenAL, so SilenceEngine uses the GWT-AL library written by the same author which implements OpenAL 1.1 Specification and delegates the calls to the Web Audio API.

SilenceEngine also provides you object oriented wrappers for OpenGL and OpenAL, so you can use them directly in case you know what you are doing, and want to extend SilenceEngine.



SilenceEngine is completely OpenSource, along with it's backends.

High speed

All the code in SilenceEngine is optimized for high speed rendering.

Cross Platform

SilenceEngine is cross platform, with support for Desktop, HTML5 and also Android.


SilenceEngine is completely flexible, you can tune it for your needs, and even extend it as you wish.


SilenceEngine is completely FREE, there is no need to pay anything. Not even royalties.


SilenceEngine has a community, join the forum or get on the IRC.


SilenceEngine has controller support, allows you to use a variety of controllers.

Both 2D and 3D

SilenceEngine supports both 2D and 3D environments, so it is easy to create any type of game with it.

Scene Graph

SilenceEngine uses a Scene Graph structure for both 2D and 3D, allowing you to define your scene with ease.


SilenceEngine does use a few libraries for different targets. Here are the dependencies that SilenceEngine uses.

Thanks to everyone who made SilenceEngine possible. A big shout out for the LWJGL guys, they made an extremely awesome library that is used by almost every engine.


SilenceEngine is licensed under MIT license, and you can use it for free in both commercial as well as non - commercial games and applications. You can even modify the engine, but the only thing that is required is that you have to mention that your game is made with SilenceEngine.